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Off to Otakon tomorrow night~!

I'm leaving for Otakon tomorrow night, but I thought I should post now just in case I forget tomorrow XD!! I'll try to go on AIM tomorrow before I leave ^0^ Hopefully, I will have finished packing by then ^^;; Besides, I'm sure you all missed Seimei *shot* x-x;; Yeah...but right now, I'm packing and attempting to read my summer reading books, and I'm not in such a good mood after finding out that my friend can't go to the rave with me and now I won't get to hook up with random people T_T;; Plus, I cut my finger while shaving, and this took me forever to type because of my goddamn finger >_>;; Err...but I'm not dumping my problems on you guys or anything...*shifty eyes* >_>;; Too late huh? *cough* So...expect me on AIM tomorrow? XD!! That, and I won't be posting for Seimei for the next few days (18th to 22nd)) not that I have been posting recently anyhow~
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