Natsuo (bagoverheadboy) wrote in omg_loveless,

[ooc: Chris lives!]

CHRIS LIVES! How shocking... o_O And I have internet. And electricity. Unlike many people in my city, but oh well. xD; My house is basically unliveable, but that is just fine and dandy because we're living right next door in my brother's house. And we have power and electricity. We just got back from Arkansas yesterday, lots of cleaning and crap to do. Two of our cars (one from my family, one from my brother; both ruined by flooding) are getting towed off tomorrow. Everything is like hell, cable is still down, along with a lot of other things and undrinkable water.

But I have internet.

Freak yes.

Not my computer, and I'll have to download aim onto this one a little later... we're busy cleaning and crap, but I'll be on as much as I can. I'll try to be on later tonight, but I'm not going to be on much for a while, I suppose. I'm so getting in the chat as soon as I can.

Love you guys, Bri you're a goddess of an admin, Kali is the love of my life, and I want Kali to molest Na-pon more. T___T

xD Be back as soon as I can~~~ <333
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