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Madame Ritsu

[ OOC!Ritsu Background Narrative.....Thing ]

I had a childhood. I s'ppose. If you could call it that. My mama owned some run down old juke joint in the bad part'a Tokyo and my daddy wasn't ever home. Didn't think he wanted a family. I had six sisters if you're wondering, so it's really no wonder I call 'em girlfriend instead of

I had six sisters if you're wondering, so it's really no wonder I call 'em girlfriend instead of sister dear.

So I grew up in the wrong way in the wrong part'a town, y'can assume. Eventually, my daddy realized he done had himself a son-- not like he can tell, cause I was wearin' them li'l debbie snackin' cake pumps by the time I was eight anyhow-- and he pulled me from my little playpen surrounded by my sisters and wannabe MAC foundation and he decided to show me why I so rarely had a papa around to keep me from bein' a bastard queen.

I was eight when my yakuza daddy started training me, and he wasn't done with me till I was eighteen and HOO BOY by that time I was gayer than a house'o red shirts at disney land, lemme tell you, child!! But instead of shunning me for it, my assassin daddy told me what to do.

Use it.

So I did. That's when I started doing drag shows. It was so easy too. Don't even gotta do none'a that sneakin' around I was trained so well t'do.

So's I took the stagename Madame Ritsu. And the codename Reason. Cause I'm jess the most reasonable fairy queen you ever will meet, of course.

Jess t'get the long and short of it out, I had a successful fifteen year career as a drag queen, a whore, and a freelance assassin. And along the way, I met up with the most overcompetetitive sociopath y’ evah seen. She goes by the name Nagisa, but I won’t trouble myself by talkin’ about her. Anyways, I took up a new job.

Training up you queens without a country to actually being something.

I don't jess pump up fighters, darling. Y’bess be knowin’ that now.

Day to day, I'm prolly jess loungin' at home doin' my nails. Or yellin' at Ai. Or training the boys and the girls, showin' em how it's really done.

Honey, when you're the best, there's not too many places else you can go! But I s'ppose I wants my ickle students t'be the best there's ever been in the world. That ain't too selfish, right?

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