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[OOC - Character Background Story] Youji and Natsuo.

They're eight-ish, nine-ish around here. This is only the first part. Chris and I went maaaad with this thing.

Hours of silence had passed, neither boy daring to speak a word to the other. Off and on, Natsuo had been sending shy glances towards his roommate and his toy, but only just before he'd duck back behind his book. This time, he broke the record, peeking over the book shyly, "D-does he have a name?"

Youji sat up straighter, glancing towards the red-head, blushing and holding the toy tighter against him. He opened his mouth a few times, and then cleared his throat.

"U-um... Teddy?" he let out a small, embarrassed sound that could almost be considered a laugh, his blush darkening, eyes covered with his bangs. "N... not re-really... i-it's just..." he shrugged, tugging at one of the ears of the toy. "... something... and I w-wasn't sure if I'd b-be allowed to ke-keep it so..." he shrugged, biting his lip and tried to give a small smile to the other boy.

The silence was falling around them again, both boys awkward and strange around each other. After glancing towards the room and the boy again, Youji tried to speak. "Um... what... um..." he raised his eyes and tried again to smile. "Um... what are you... um... reading?"

The other boy's stuttered reply was both surprising and almost suiting for the meek looking kid. It made Natsuo feel a bit better about things, even though it made him shy even more away from speaking. The boy hadn't spoken to him previously... was it okay for him to attempt a conversation? Cat like ears that slightly perked up at the stuttered but almost friendly words, flopped right back down, a blush spreading on his cheeks. He really didn't want to make anyone mad.

"E-eto," Natsuo stuttered, hands trembling a bit and holding onto the book for dear life. "I-it's just a collection of short s-stories." It all came out quiet enough, Natsuo alternating between staring at the floor and stealing awkward glances at the other boy. "I-I... anou, you can borrow it if y-you want..."

Lavender eyes opened wide at the offering with almost normal childish glee, before his ears flopped down, glancing at the floor, embarrassed, squirming where he was sitting in a corner. "Um... I-I'm not really... you know... good at... reading and I... wouldn't like to be a bother um... but t-thank you...ah..." he bit his lip again, clinging to his toy, his voice a little bit muffled. He dared to look again to the red-head. "Anou... is... is it okay if I call y-you Na-Natsuo-kun? I won't if... if it bothers you or... anything."

Natsuo couldn't help it. Both ears half flickered up at the pitiable voice and confessions, before flattening out in timidity. "It wouldn't... be a bother. I... I could help... if you want?" A shaky hand brush a few stray scarlet curls behind one ear, opening his mouth for a minute and closing it, blushing horribly, and daring a glance at the other boy. "And y-you're my sacrifice, you don't need to ask. You can call me whatever you like." He finally, politely responded. "Is... is there anything you'd like me to call you?"

"That'd be nice... if... if you're sure you don't mind..." he did smile then, shyly, blushing and it was partially hidden behinds long turquoise strands. "Thank you, Natsuo-kun." he muttered softly, keeping quiet for a while.

He understood vaguely about the sacrifice and fighter concept but he was so uncertain at the thought of commanding someone else's life, since there was a very, very good chance he was, somehow, going to mess up everything, still blushing he looked at the teddy bear, picking at some faded spots . "Um... Youji?... that's my... my name... or so they said... "

"A-anou... Natsuo-kun..." he started after a few seconds, not quite daring to look at the other boy. "I'm... I'm still not very used t-to this... sacrifice and fighter and I'm probably going t-to do something wrong b-but maybe... um... we c-could be... um... friends?" at this Youji did raised his head, looking a little bit hopefully at the other boy before ducking again, shrugging. "I-it's not a-an order or anything..."

Even with the innocent nature of his roommate, Natsuo was still half expecting some violent outburst, some random declaration of control, he wasn't even sure of what he was expecting; he just knew something bad was going to happen. He certainly wasn't sure if he wanted or was supposed to help his sacrifice read, even if the thought did have a slight appeal.

Blushing a little, encouraged by the smile, Natsuo gave a small nod and a pathetic attempt at returning the smile, "I don't mind at all. Just... just tell me whenever you want to."

Jade eyes watched Youji's small fingers pick and fiddle with the bear, ears twitching at the words being said. A bit unsurely, the already crumbling smile turned into an almost frown, eyes curiously turning to Youji, before going back to the bear. "A-are you sure? Just Youji? Nothing else?" Natsuo asked weakly, suspiciously, but politely.

At the mention of his name and of sacrifices and fighters, Natsuo's ears instantly perked to attention. Jade eyes blinking at the shy gestures and actions, but a small blush formed on his checks when he realized what Youji was asking, and he just about dropped his book. With trembling hands he held onto the book, leaning on it and wiggling his foot over the edge of the couch, turning his gaze to said foot, shyly. "I, that... that would... " After a small moment, Natsuo dared a bold glance towards Youji. "I-if you think it'd be okay... it would be nice."

At the questioning of his name he nodded. "Youji is okay... or Youji-kun or..." he shrugged, giving that small, shy smile to the other boy. "Whatever makes you feel comfortable, Natsuo-kun. I don't mind..."

Standing up from the corner he had been, his eyes darting from the boy to the floor once and again, Youji stood before Natsuo, both children looking frightened, embarrassed and even perhaps a little bit scared before Youji offered his hand. "Anou... friends?"

Natsuo nodded quietly, smiling a little at Youji's so far gentle nature. Of course, he was well aware, every good thing had a downside... he was trying hard to brace himself for whatever that would be.

The boy half cringed when his sacrifice moved towards him, fingers trembling and gripping onto the book, while he shrunk back on the sofa. Even when Youji offered out his hand, Natsuo's first reaction was getting away from it, a reaction that was only barely suppressed. He was a bit confused, disoriented, at the offer, but his ears perked up at the soft spoken words. Cautiously he edged forward, hand shivering a little when it slowly caught the other, Natsuo glanced up at Youji, forcing a sheepish smile, "Friends."
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