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Mod Post

Oh wow, it's been a long time since I've posted in here, hasn't it? ^^;; Forgive me for being a bad mod.

But now that winter break is approaching for many of you (mine isn't until the end of next week, but whatever), I wanted to take this time to revive this very dead RP. We had such great times in the past; I wouldn't want them gone for good!

However, this revival is coming with some changes. So far, I've cut 6 characters. Yes, 6. Mostly because of inactivity. They are:


Yes, that means a lot of IC characters are available. So I will be re-pimping this community to fill up some of these vacancies.

If I don't talk to you regularly on AIM, then you will need to notify me whether or not you want to keep your character by next week. If I hear nothing in a week, I will assume you are uninterested and will drop you. Don't worry, though - I will be doing most of the approaching if I see you online. xD But still, you have to let me know in a week.

Oh, and just to acknowledge a rule - the max character limit for a player is 3. So far, 2 players are at this max. Just letting you know, in case you are interested in another character.

Once I get the final count of who's staying or leaving, I'll pimp this community, and applications will be open again. This should be in a few days. Once we have a few more players (or characters taken up), we can start the RP!

If you've any ideas, questions or concerns, feel free to IM me - I'm MitziCheese, and I'm on frequently. ^^;
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