Aoyagi Seimei (_big_softy) wrote in omg_loveless,
Aoyagi Seimei


Guuuh. Life is a bitch, as some of you might know. Especially for me T_T;;

Right now, I'm drowning in a shitload of work. For quite a few days for the next month and a half, I'm at school for 15 hours x_x;; And if school didn't block LJ on their comps, I would so go on x3 I'm busy, I'm sick, I'm confused, I'm failing AP Euro, I'm going through a shitty depression, and I might even have to evacuate my house because of the farking L.A. fires.

Don't expect me to go on too much for the next month and a half. Will be buried in school and evacuations are pretty short-notice things.

I know, I know. I haven't been so reliable in this RP. If you guys want me to give up oSeimei, I totally understand. Just let me know ^_^

Peace for now~ ♥ *crawls back to AP Euro homework*
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