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Madame Ritsu

RP LOG, Madame, and OOC!Nagisa

Setting: Bedrooms <3 Takes place before Madame's run in with OOC!Ginka and Katsuko.
Participants: Madame~ (OOC!Ritsu) And OOC!Nagisa
Rating: NC-17 aka NOT WORKSAFE~! MadamexNagisa smex, followed by Madame....talking to his penis. O.o
Comments: Para-style RP; Uh, yeah, posted it Neo o.o. Forgive me ;-; Oh, and the italics in the beginning are part of a flash back, happens when the amazing duo are younger, and what's this? In love? Noes. Never.

What was that weird feeling in the pit of Ritsu’s stomach? He... he didn’t hate the girl underneath him. Looking into the other’s eyes, he wanted to believe what Nagisa was saying, despite his 'don't trust anyone' motto. She seemed so sincere though, and it was annoying him that he wanted to trust her.

Ritsu swung his leg over Nagisa’s small body so that he didn’t just squish her, not that he was all that heavy. Ritsu didn’t really hold physical affection as a sign of love. No, love came from the heart, this was just actions. Actions speak louder than words, but emotions and feelings rule all.

He let his hand wander in her hair; the other arm held him up, finding the bands that tied strands back and slowly pulled them out as he lowered his head again for another kiss.

Red hot hands gliding across milky skin, directing fire against the burning tension of straining muscle. I missed you. Wet mouths gasped into each other. A sloppy, wet sound, like the sound of two inexperienced lovers searching for a desperate release.

Nagisa gazed into Ritsu's sapphire eyes as they glowed in the darkness. The way he looked down on her seemed like there was something more to what they were doing at that moment, but Nagisa knew that behind his eyes was someone trying to figure out what was going on and just why he was doing it-with her.

Ritsu's sudden movement startled Nagisa, but it was gentle, as if he were treating her like glass with the best of care. She tightened her arms around him to pull him closer, letting Ritsu know that she wouldn't break.

Then came the pulling of her hair bands. The way he took them out of their constricting Nagisa's hair was impressive. Not a single hair was attached to the band or fell away from her head. Nagisa's hands reached for Ritsu as he kissed her-one hand brushing through silver strands; the other over his shoulder holding onto his back tightly. It felt like they were falling through an endless sky, and Nagisa was hanging on for dear life.

Ritsu was rapidly becoming warmer, a sign that their current state was becoming more and more intense. The kiss was so overwhelming… Nagisa didn't want to let go.

Being the overly skilled manslut that he was made out to be (he was, in fact, worse than all the talk said. (This phenomena is the 8th wonder of the world) Ritsu was pressed against the lolita again, mouth exploring her neck, collarbone, shoulders.

And with a slight, guided motion of Ritsu’s hips, a ticket to heaven was ordered and the flight was in session.

Working slowly, ever retreating movement closing in forward for the allowance of another inch until the light haired-man was buried full force in the girl underneath him. A huff of breath. He wanted to squeal in happiness, but then, he wanted to do that everytime he got past the first bit of run. A pause as he just stayed there, reveling in the initial sensation of muscle fibers moving and gripping. The three barbells on the underside of his shaft were probably a textured little surprise for the girl.

The drag queen worked out a steady, slow rhythm, hard enough to the point of being a firm sort of gentle.

Revelling in the sensation of flying.

One hand holding his weight over the girl, another wrapped about her shoulder, elbow resting into the bed, lips trailblazing across the soft skin of a naked shoulder. "...nnh-- fuck..."

Ritsu rolled over, pushing himself down. "...Fuck... GET THE HELL OUTTA MY HEAD YOU STANK WHORE."

He really needed to figure out a way to erase Nagisa from the planet. Heh. That might be nice. Or at least erase his memories of her. Shit, he’d been so stupid in his early years, now the thought of being with Nagisa was ludicrous.

And now focusing on the present :

Ritsu had had wet dreams before, yes. But as of late, he'd been having to block them out all because of this new “zen” shit he had started. It'd been a while, actually. The drag queen had thought that maybe he was free of them, but the morning wood greeting him from between splayed thighs ached with a plea: DEAR GOD. TOUCH ME.

The ‘teacher’ sat up, rubbing his forehead with one hand, forcing the hardon down with the other. His penis kept bitching. Don't push me away~! You don't pay attention to me either anymore!! What is this? Do you not love me anymore?! Are you seeing another penis?! Ritsu could almost feel his genitals cry.

"Che. Sorry buddy. Ah’d rectify t’situation if ah could. Believe me."

Releasing himself to stand, Ritsu hit himself in the stomach. Don't ignore me--! No matter how much you want me to I won't go away until you do something about it! A grimace. "Shut up y’goddamned whore. Yes y’will." I will not. "Will too." Will not will not will not times infinity plexus~!!! "Y’ fucking--" The drag queen didn't go any further. He was vocally arguing with his penis. HIS PENIS. "Shut up or ah’ll slap you." I might like it.

Deny you. Deform you. Justify you.

Ritsu stumbled to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, studying flawless features still bathed in a mixture of sleep and frustration. "Well... mebbe this once..." His whole body ached for release. One hand on the counter, and one hand on himself, a silky light touch across an expanse of (now sore) longing. It felt really nice. Ritsu had forgotten what this shit was about. A huffed breath. He opened his eyes to look at himself.

And he looked absolutely ridiculous.

"I can't do this t’m’self..." His penis tweaked out. AAAAUGH~ SO CLOSE YET SO FAR! PRECIOUS HANDS! Why have you left meeee? Ritsu grumbled as he turned the cold water on.

You must tame the body in order to tame the mind. You must control the body in order to think for yourself. Red water flows flows backwards from the stream of time. Focus on the mind's eye. Focus on the mind's eye.

You and your fucking Zen shit. The penis bristled. PLAY WITH ME.

“GET OFF MY CASE."Ritsu couldn't believe that he was screaming at his penis. This was retarded. “Stop trying to control my life! Y’be so possessive and controlling." An afterthought. "Bitch."

You're so mean to me~! What'd I ever do to you?! His penis weeped manly tears. You used to play with me all the time, when you were younger. I used to get lots of action. Granted, you gave me diseases once in a while, but it was worth it--

"Ah’d prefer t’ have y’be unhappy an’ have me be disease-less." Ritsu opened the shower door. "Now say goodnight."

Cold water ran down Ritsu’s clear, naked skin. Nooooo~ I've been 0wn3d!

And the drag queen was once again alone in his own head.


Thank God.. Ritsu sighed as he leaned into the steady stream of water. Ah would've cut ‘im off if ‘e didn't shut up soon. An’ that would've been terrible. In so many ways.

Cold water ran through matted, wet hair and down his back. An unconscious shiver ran the length of a long body and ended as a tingle on the tip of Ritsu’s tongue. No more thoughts. No more thinking. Just breathing. In. Out. In.

This is how you reach kenzo.

On the brink of destruction, under attack of ice.

This is how you reach kenzo.

Through denial of the self, the self, the self.

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